High leading bronze castings for cone crushers

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  • Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher
  • Multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher
  • Symons/Spring cone crusher
  • Gyratory cone crusher
  • Customized parts

Bronze Parts

High lead bronze castings for mining and machinery, Material: ZCuPb24Sn5, ZCuPb20Sn5, ZCuPb15Sn7, ZCuPb10Sn10, Our company undertakes the customized bronze parts of crushers.

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Cone crusher bronze parts series

Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher bronze parts: locating bar , wearing plate, eccentric wearing plate, eccentric bushing, bottom shell bushing, piston wearing plat, main shaft step. 

Multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher bronze parts: countershaft bushing, eccentric Bushing, socket Liner, upper head bushing, head ball, copper bushing, pin sleeve bushing, thrust bearing.

Symons/Spring cone crushers bronze parts: countershaft bushing, frame bushing, spcket liner, step plate, main shaft bushing.

Gyratory crushers bronze parts:bushing,inner eccentric sleeve ,lower frame bushing 

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Construction machinery bronze parts series

Various Bush in Hydroelectric, Hydraulic Pressure, Guide nut, copper shield, Leak stop ring, Depress screw, Depress Nut, Petroleum equipment – high lead bronze accessories, cement mill bearing bushing, Bushings used for paper making mechanical equipment, overflow ball mill sleeves, copper bar, copper plate, copper turbine for nuts forging equipment centrifugal-casting technology adopted.

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Customization bronze parts series

Customized company independently developed centrifugal casting high lead bronze, product diameter up to 5000mm, blank weight up to 15000 kg, lead content up to 20% segregation free, 1.5m diameter of high lead bronze centrifugal casting lead content up to 25% segregation free.  Aluminum bronze cast copper bushing, diameter 2900MM, net weight 2700KG, for Marine products. 

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