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  • One- piece casting weight less than 60tons
  • Carbon steel parts:crusher frame/moving jaw/adjusting ring/head center
  • Wear-resisant parts:jaw plate/mantle&concave/blow bar/hammer head
  • Material:ZG-270-500/30Mn/35Mn/35Crmo,customization 

Steel Casting Parts

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Steel Casting Series Frame For Cone Crusher

Hysan is a manufacturing enterprise integrating large carbon steel,high manganese steel,low carbon alloy steel,high chromium cast iron and so on.Hysan annial output of 20000 tons,the products are mainly used in mining crushing equipment,large press equipment,fertilizer equipment,ship and other industries.

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Steel Casting Series Frame For Jaw Crusher

Main production process :sodium silicate sand molding process/lost foam casting process.

Main carbon steel products:jaw crusher frame,movable jaw,front wall,backwall;cone crusher frame,body,support bushing,adjusting ring,oil cylinder balancing weight,rotary crusing frame;press machine beam,founation,sliding block;fertilizer equipment ash tray,gear ring etc.

Wear-resistant parts:jaw plate,side plate,mantle,concave,blow bar,hammer head,grinding roller.

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Steel Casting Series Moving Jaw For Jaw Crusher

Main production equipment:12sets of 1-20 tons medium frequency induction furnaces;7 sets of large scale heat treatment system;5 sets of large shot blasting machine equipment;gantry milling machine,vertical lathes,drillling machine,CNC lathes etc.Solid wood model making working workshop 3000㎡,casting workshop 40000㎡.

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